Derek Menary

Derek Menary

Edge of a memory
'Edge of a memory' 90cm x 60cm

Queen of spades
'Queen of spades' 90cm x 60cm


'Edge of a memory 2' 90cm x 60cm  


'Passage of the Saints' 70cm x 90 cm


'A road west' 60cm x 75cm


Beach,-West-Wales.jpg (154179 bytes)
'Beach, Stormy Weather' 40x50cm


'Rocks and headland - Mayo' 45cm x 65cm


Born in Belfast, Derek Menary (DW) initially studied under G.G. McCann, then at Belfast College of Art, followed by a Studentship with Belfast Arts Theatre.  

From 1964-69, the artist worked in the professional theatre and BBC Television (London).  In 1970, he became a student at Dartington College of Arts, Devon.  From 1973 to 1989, as well as painting, he worked as a teacher/lecturer. 

Derek Menary has exhibited widely, both in the UK and abroad, including London Contemporary Art Fairs 1990-96; Art Europa, Geneva; Miami Art Fair, Florida; The Royal Academy; Royal West of England Academy: The Royal Ulster Academy and Bath Contemporary Art Fair.  

Major exhibitions include galleries in London, Belfast, Dublin, Bristol, Southampton and Glasgow. 

Collections/Purchases include:

The Royal Bank of Scotland
The National Trust
The Arts Council of Ireland
The Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Office of Public Works, Dublin
First Trust Bank Ireland
Aer Lingus 
Tresco Estate
Private collections in UK/Europe/USA/Australia

His work has been reviewed extensively in leading magazines and journals including Art Review and Irish Times.


1979  Painting Bursary, West Midlands Arts
1982  Exhibition Bursary, Arts Council of Great Britain (Eastern Arts)

Major Exhibitions include:

1975 Upper Street Gallery, Islington, London
1976 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
1976/1981 Oxford Gallery,Oxford
1977 Project Arts Centre, Dublin (Sponsored by Irish Arts Council)
1978 Compass Gallery, Glasgow  (Sponsored by Scottish Arts Council)
1978 Ibis Gallery (West Midland Arts), Leamington Spa, England
1982 Harlow Playhouse Gallery (Sponsored by Eastern Arts)
1987 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
1989 Cavehill Gallery, Belfast
1989 The Eye Gallery, Bristol
1989/1990 Studio Gallery, Bristol
1991 Mina Renton Fine Art, London
1991 Gallery Tresco, Scilly Isles
1991 The Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives
1992/1993 Sweet Waters Gallery, London
1993/1995/1997/1999/2001 On Line Gallery Southampton
1993/1995/1997 Salon des Arts, 9 Palace Gate, London
1993/1994/2002/2004/2014 Tom Caldwell Gallery, Belfast
1999 Goldmark Gallery, Rutland, England
2015 McKenna Gallery, Omagh, N. Ireland

 Group Exhibitions

1977   Visual Art 1977, Limerick
1978   Irish Exhibition of Living Art, Dublin
1979   Le Troisieme Salon du Petite Format, Gallery 34 Paris
1982/85/86  Royal Academy London
1984  Cork Street Fine Art, London
1984-1986  Curwen Gallery, London
1986  Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
1986/1993   Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives
1989-1992 Royal Ulster Academy,  Annual Exhibition, Belfast
1989  London Contemporary Art Fair, Eye Gallery, Bristol
1990  Art London '90, Olympia, Eye Gallery, Bristol
1990/1991  Royal West of England Academy,  Annual Exhibition
1991  Art London '91, Islington, Studio International, Birmingham
1991/1992  Bath Contemporary Art Fair,  Studio International, Bristol
1991 Gallery Tresco, Scilly Isles
1991  London International Contemporary Art Fair,  Studio International, Bristol
1991/1992  Bohun Gallery, Henley-on-Thames
1991/2009  On Line Gallery, Southampton
1992  Geneva Contemporary Art Fair, Studio International,  Bristol
1992/1993 Miami Art Fair, Sweet Waters Gallery, London
1992/1993 Sweet Waters Gallery, London
1993-1995 Art London, Islington, Tom Caldwell Galleries, Ireland
1993-2012 Tom Caldwell Galleries, Ireland
1996  Art London, Islington, Rob Whittle Fine Art, Birmingham
1996  Art London '96, Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Bath
1996-1997  Adam Gallery, Bath
1997-2001  Parkview Fine Paintings, Bristol
1999-2006  Goldmark Gallery, Rutland, England
1999-2010  Leinster Gallery, Dublin
1999-2008  Sandford Gallery, Ranelagh, Dublin

1999-2004  Gallery 148, Holywood, Northern Ireland
1999-2007  Albany Gallery, Cardiff
1999-2012  Rob Whittle Fine Art, Birmingham
1999-2007  Somerville Gallery, Plymouth
2004-2014  Bebb Fine Art, Ludlow
2005-2012  Jonathan Poole Gallery, UK
2006-2009  Fosse Gallery, Stow-on-the-Wold
2009- 2013  Artmill Gallery, Plymouth
2009- 2015  McKenna Gallery, Omagh, Northern Ireland

 Other Exhibitions

1974 With John Cowan Photographer, Oxfordshire
1993  Sweet Waters Gallery, London
2003  Gallery 148, Holywood  County Down

Work illustrated drawn from period 1990 - 2014

'Beach, Tresco' mixed media 50x70cm


autumnfields1.jpg (64454 bytes)'
'Autumn Fields 1'  mixed media 50x70cm


'Landscape with Gate Lodge'  mixed media 35x50cm


Passage of the Saints series.jpg (137957 bytes)
' Passage of the Saints series' mixed media 60x45cm


passage-of-the-saints007249.jpg (176453 bytes)
' Passage of the Saints series'  1998 mixed media 50x68cm


Passage-of-the-Saints2-seri.jpg (223966 bytes)
' Passage of the Saints series'  mixed media 70x50cm


Ikon-gold-leaf.jpg (265690 bytes)
'Icon', Gold leaf 30x15cm


In-the-quiet-of-a-moment-2.jpg (174774 bytes)
'In the quiet of a moment' (3) mixed media 100x70cm


Elusive-Thoughts-a.jpg (145087 bytes)'
Elusive Thoughts' mixed media 60x40cm


reluctant-bride.jpg (167291 bytes)
'Reluctant Bride'  mixed media 55x40cm


In-the-quiet-of-a-moment-4.jpg (149686 bytes)
'In the quiet of a moment' (4) mixed media 100x70cm


In-the-quiet-of-a-moment-4.jpg (149686 bytes)
Dreamtime 55x35cm


dancer.jpg (45653 bytes)
'Dancer' mixed media 90x70cm


pupateer.jpg (60137 bytes)
'Puppeteer' mixed media 70x50cm


The-Secret.jpg (147289 bytes)
'The Whisper 70x50cm


Girl,-Remembered-Figures.jpg (246964 bytes)
'Girl, Remembered Figures'  mixed media 40x35cm


'Reluctant Bride' Series 70x50cm


french-cottage-In-the-quiet.jpg (246371 bytes)
''In the quiet of a moment' (5)  mixed media100x70cm


'Nude, Mary Magdalene' mixed media 55x40cm


Not-Quite-an-Angel-a.jpg (188144 bytes)
'Not Quite an Angel'  2007 70x50cm


Elusive-Toughts-2.jpg (63901 bytes)
'Homage to Frida Kahlo' mixed media 70x50cm


Figure-Studies2509015.jpg (186766 bytes)
'Composite Figure Studies series' 60x50cm


Passing-Demesne.jpg (144365 bytes)
'Passing Demesne' mixed media 40x60cm


'High Provence' 90cm x 60cm


img090.jpg (62996 bytes)
'Harvest Ridge'  (study) mixed media 25x35cms


'October Hill' mixed media 90x60cm


Spring-Light.jpg (58655 bytes)
'Spring Light' mixed media 50x70cm


galway-winter.jpg (167089 bytes)
'Galway Winter' mixed media 50x70cm



After-Balthus.jpg (218364 bytes)
'After Balthus' 70x50cm

After Goya.jpg (101682 bytes)
'After Goya' series B  90cmx60cm

After-Goya-head.jpg (126001 bytes)
'After Goya' series A  50cmx35cm



After-Manet.jpg (123143 bytes)
'After Manet'  series A 30x90cm



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